Well there are mainly 5

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There will be some cliche ways here that most people will tell you. but I will try to compile some lesser-known.

1. Making Games

I think making games is the most fun on this list.

Well, you can make games even if you have no previous knowledge. You can learn a game engine like Godot, Unity, or Unreal Engine

Have experience in Python? use Pygame, know Javascript use Vanilla Javascript or any game framework there are many for Javascript, know C# better for you, you can directly learn Unity a Unity uses C# as its main scripting language, Java? …

Not a lot of ways but Windows is recommended for any type of C/C++ development

Code  on Mac
Code  on Mac
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Finding a C++ IDE for a macOS system is as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. Though most people won’t agree with me, I have spent a quiet lot of time finding one, the “Perfect” one like Visual Studio on a Windows Machine, But there are not many

When it comes to a Mac There are about two options:

  1. Installing Xcode
  2. Installing the Xcode Command Line Tools and using any preferred IDE or Code Editor for writing C or C++ code

The macOS version of Visual Studio is not available for C or C++ as we can develop…

Nibodh Daware

I am a Programmer who also likes to write. https://www.instagram.com/nibodhdaware/

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